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Blair's memoirs: From No10 to No1

I wonder what kind of sycophant would actually buy this book. rather than just read choice titbits plastered all over the media or possibly download a PDF version froma file sharing site? The same kind of gullible individual who believes his bland justifications for helping his buddy George grab oil in Iraq. "I did the right thing.. the world is a safer place without Saddam... ". Mmm let us remember the real NewLabour legacy: Unbridled consumerism, hedonism (deregulation of gambling, 24/7 boozing etc), ...

Finally Tony Blair reveals his side of the feud with Gordon Brown

Blair should be tried and sentenced for his role in the invasion and occupation of oil-rich Iraq and his complete obfuscation about the real reasons for war. It had nothing to do with human rights or deposing evil dictators. If Saddam Hussein didn't exist, Blair's handlers would have had to invent him, well they practically did. Only one year after Abdul Qassim, former leader of Iraq, overthrew the British-installed Monarchy, a young officer Saddam Hussein tried to attempt to his life but failed.... Very...

Exclusive: Miliband: Britain was slow to act against US torture

Somewhere you (in reply to DKP56) that Neil should provide evidence. Evidence of what? I find the whole Milliband saga rather boring. Is one Zionist and the other anti-Zionist? Don't know. Both are brothers and served loyally under Blair and Brown. Ed had an easier time as Climate Change Secretary. I think the whole controversy is academic. They are just actors. Their value to the system is their ability to sell certain policies, decided elsewhere, to a recalcitrant electorate. My point was merely that...

Exclusive: Miliband: Britain was slow to act against US torture

In an ideal world we wouldn't make such considerations, but we are all well aware of falling foul to accusation of antisemitism when we criticise politicians' support for Israel's policies. As others have pointed out, support for US/Israeli foreign policies and Judaism are very different issues. What evidence is there that either Milliband would break with NewLabour's disastrous commitment to NeoLiberal globalism.

Exclusive: Miliband: Britain was slow to act against US torture

It works both ways. Many are afraid to criticise the Millibands precisely because they are sons of a Jewish immigrant and know full well they'd be accused of antisemitism. Besides they seem likeable chaps and didn't play a significant role in the propaganda campaign for the US-led oil grab in Iraq, although David M became foreign secretary and had to tell quite few lies about the true motivations of US/UK military intervention in the Middle East and Central Asia. Both went along with everything the Blair ...

Are the student natives really being crowded out?

The Independent has a clear bias in favour of globalisation and Keynsian economics, which combined have turned Britain into consumer junkie entirely dependent on services nobody really needs, unless you think the Chinese need our management consultancy services more than we need their manufactured goods and more than both countries need food and energy.

Kelly death 'textbook suicide' says pathologist

Wow, really got me there!! I bet Mr Aaronovitch's book is prominently displayed at Waterstones and on Amazon dot co dot uk. See my post about the classic tactic of "conspiracy theory labelling". For some reason only conspiracies that shame the ruling elite get dismissed by the establishment media as "wild conjecture", while the theories they like to promote often contain conspiracies, e.g. Did Osama Bin Laden conspire to train 19 Middle East students to blow up the World Trade Centre? Did Saddam Hussein...

Kelly Conspiracy Daily

Just like here then. Ever heard the 2000 Terrorism act? People can be locked up without charge for as along as 42 days and then charges can be just invented. The UK prison population is around the same size as Iran's (94,000 vs 140,000, but Iran has larger population at 74 million) and much larger than other most other Western and Central European countries, e.g. Italy's prison population is around 61,000 and France's just 52,000, both with similar populations.