Respect celebrates while Labour reflects after shocking Bradford result

While I shed no tears for the loss of the mainstream parties and have often seen George Galloway at antiwar marches, he is far from green or libertarian.
His opportunist support for large families, high levels of immigration and even greater welfare largesse (to placate the Muslim community and home-grown benefits scroungers) will inevitably mean greater reliance on resources and cheap labour from other countries. So why did our government invade Iraq?Mr Galloway? It had nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with control of cheap oil so "our" economy can keep growing and "our" youngsters can drive cars. Think about it, Mr Galloway. If you really cared about world peace, you'd fight for more sustainable socio-economic polices. 

Apparently he's a teetotaler or at least that's what he claimed during his election campaign.

In reply to: Jim Bains

Three cheers and several pints for Galloway!

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