Christians 'should wear a cross' says Cardinal

Games like Call of Duty do not teach self-defence, but do desensitise addicted players to violence by turning it into a form of entertainment. I'm sorry but no sane person should enjoy re-enactments of death and destruction.

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That's laughable. You can't learn to operate a fire arm by playing Call-of-Duty. There's more to it then pressing "A" to fire and "B" to reload.  

I would argue that more people have taken up arms due to their religious creed then they have after playing video games.

Besides the Bible is steeped in violence. 

Violent video games are essentially war propaganda and army training/recruitment tools.

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Games do not claim to be real. Religion does. Religion has caused millions of deaths over the years while games have been proven to simply stimulate various parts of the brain (same as books, films or sports or ANYTHING).

The fact that most people know they are playing a games means that unless they have real mental heath problems or sociopathic tendancies brought on by LACK OF SOCIAL ADJUSTMENT, the playing of a game will not cause any dangerous side effects or persoality flaws.

You are using a games as a scapegoat for a socialogical failures when the simple truth is video games have very little blood on their hands while religion has many thousands on documented, provable expamples of wholesale salughter.

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