Lib Dems in disarray as fewer candidates contest elections

You don't have to convince me Scottish Labour/Tories/LibDem are corrupt, but are the SNP any different?
I'm just sad to see so much waste and despair in Scotland and subsidising big pharma solutions (creating long term dependency on psychiatric drugs) won't help people regain a sense of purpose and independence.

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 I started writing a long comment to you but decided to scrap this, you obviously are so fond of your family in Scotland that you insult them at every turn.
When you have a free moment do some research about the country you say you know very well. Try staying away from Labour Hame and the Liberal Website and see if you can find one, not the SNP seeing you loathe them.
Find a neutral one, you may be amazed to discover that what you have just uttered is mince, as we say in Scotland. Labour wanted the Glasgow/ Edinburgh line used for the airport, not the Fife line which as you say runs at the bottom of the runway. Labour, like expensive, brown envelope projects, and their pals the Liberals did nothing over the years to stop them, working hand in glove with them. They could not even manage to get their beloved Tram. the one forced through the Scottish Parliament in 2007 by the Three Unionist Parties, to the airport.

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