Newham Council accused of 'social cleansing' after attempts to move poorest families

Rents so high, because your newLab and ConDem friends (preaching antiracism and global love) are addicted to growth at all costs. If London's economy were deflated, it would be bad for business in the short-term, but ver y soon all temporary residents would move elsewhere, that's at least 30% of the population. Rents would then plummet. London cannot rely on banking and wanking (media, advertising etc.) forever. It's become a city of extremes.
Get real!!

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I can not fault your last sentence, as for the rest we are talking about other London Boroughs who will have a greater percentage of born and bred Londoners, who will be moved out as a direct result of this problem.
Presumably the only 'real Londoner's' who may come back will be the class you prefer - i.e. those who can afford to buy or pay prohibitive rents.
One thing is for sure, you will only replace the key, low paid workers affected, with yet more temporary economic immigrants, who are prepared for their brief stay to live in multiple occupancy situations i.e. grossly overcrowded.
Lastly what gives you the right to dump the group of people you obviously want out on other parts of the country - who already have large numbers of the same.

By leftwing, they mean "corporate globalist". What we have not had s a government that represents the interests of the ordinary working people who elected them.

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And when was the left in power?? I've haven't seen a left goverment in my lifetime. Maybe you could let me know!!!

Would you like to see my bedsit and examine all the taxes I pay ?


Last time someone in authority wanted to move that many people away to somwhere else they loaded them onto trains bound for concentration camps. Shame on you Newham council and shame on you in government for an ill thought out housing benefits cap.

Have you been to a former London council estate recently, you'll find most residents are not culturally English. So any ethnic cleansing is definitely working against London's historic population (e.g. people whose grandparents were born in the region), which by my reckoning is way below 10%.
We get a mix of wealthy young media/advertising/banking professionals from anywhere (some even from the UK), the descendants of yesterday's immigrants (often ghettoised) and newcomers doing all the menial jobs our youth should be doing.
The only solution is to say NO to unsustainable economic growth (i.e. growth based solely on banking / media) and let Greater London's population return to around 5 million (simply by waiting for all temporary guest workers and billionaire gangsters to leve). This would be a breath of fresh air for real Londoners and some may actually come back to live in this once great city.
Globalisation is a failed experiment, let's start building a sustainable future around real cohesive communities with shared values.

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The reason that low paid working people can not pay the increasing London RENTS (not house purchases) and require housing benefit is - low pay.
Many of these have lived in London all their lives and are often essential workers.
As for your last sentence I see you are another one who can not work out that if someone is moved to an area where there is allready an acute shortage of jobs, so become un-employed, they become a more costly burden to ALL - not just yourself.

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