Capitalism at a crossroads

Over the last 250 years we've mainly seen growth, an exponentially so since the end of WW2. If we care about our grandchildren and great children, we should power down (i.e. consume less), let frivolous banking and marketing sectors go bust, reemploy young people to work the land and look after our elderly (top Independent argument for even more immigration), become much more self-sufficient, regulate labour markets (so our young do not compete with Vietnamese sweatshops), impose import controls (so cheap goods do not travel half way round the world) and learn to live within our means.
The UK has become a pariah nation, living off the labour and resources of other countries, promoting unsustainable economic growth and divisive "free markets". Sure we should trade, but only fair trade, British beef and pottery for Spanish oranges and olive oil. We will not forever be able to con the rest of the world to transfer their resources here in exchange for "services" they do not really need.

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