IVF clinics accused of putting money before safety

You sound like a NewLab spin doctor. IVF is huge waste of money. Let us make sure first that we can look after of the millions of children born naturally.
Life is tough. Do you have any idea of the psychological trauma I have personally endured? Have you been homeless? Have you been denied access to your kids? Have you experienced an NHS unable to offer basic levels of care, but perfectly happy to issue newfangled psychobabble labels and dish out pills with side effects?
No, probably not. Just be thankful you are alive, well, have a loving partner and a roof over your head.

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That's a remarkably simplistic way of looking at things. Many investigations and procedures available on the NHS are not 'needs' or 'musts.' Take treatment for urinary incontinence for example, or psychological therapy for somatic pain. They're not necessary to save life or prevent grave injury, but relief of such symptoms will drastically improve the quality of life of the patient. The same can be said for IVF, as well as a vast number of other aspects of publicly funded healthcare. Who should decide what is necessary and what isn't? You?

Yes IVF is costly and controversial in the media, but a number of strict guidelines are already in place as to who is eligible to receive it on the NHS in order to make it more cost effective. Many couples do end up paying their own IVF bills.

Fertility doctors within the NHS do excellent work and enable many couples with subfertility to have normal reproductive lives (because having a baby is an integral part of a normal biological life for most people). It may be expensive but I really don't think it's the biggest problem the NHS has at the moment.

I'm sorry you left it until the age of 39. Could it be modern lifestyle has led women to wait longer. Infertility used to be a marginal problem and infertile couples were happy to adopt. Now the fertility industry has created a massive market and persuaded women they must procreate. IVF has a huge array of side effects both for the mother and children. IMHO adoption should be made much easier, but above all we should encourage stable relationships. This is a huge topic, but we've been heading in the wrong direction for 30+ years. I'm all for progress, but this is regress.

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I am currently having private IVF treatment as my ovaries have prematurely stopped working. I am a working healthcare professional who has been paying tax/NI since I qualified & yet I was turned down for NHS treatment, as I was deemed too old (but I didn't know I had a fertility problem until I was 39). I have never been ill, do not smoke or drink yet when I needed a something back, I was refused. I would have been happy to have the 2 NHS cycles that some PCTs offer, after that I believe everyone has to pay (or accept being childless forever) and I think that is fair as it is so expensive & NHS resources should be shared fairly.
Luckily, I have a good job & savings and a supportive partner, so we/I are paying thousands for what everyone else takes for granted - the life changing opportunity to have a child. How many of you writing such scathing abuse of the desire to have your own child have any idea what it feels like to not be able to do the most natural thing in the World?????? Bet you all have your own naturally-conceived children. Each pregnancy & birth is a little miracle, as we infertile people know only too well.
Adoption IS something I will also consider, but is currently an invasive, time-consuming & harrowing experience, hopefully to be improved shortly. Definitely not an easy option & rarely is a healthy baby needing a home, meaning that it is much more of a challenge than rearing your own child from the start.
I have everything ready to give a child a wonderful life - but no eggs to start the process. Do not judge me for wishing to share my life & love with a child of my own, it is a privilege, not a right, but is also a fundamental of life itself.

>> What I am intolerant of is idiots.<<<
Because you define "idiots". To me an idiot is a selfish git who only thinks of short-terms wants rather than long-terms needs.

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You have just outed yourself as an intolerant bully, intolerant, that is, of anyone who fails to embrace the hypercompetitive dehumanising society promoted by big business.

I work damned hard to support my two teenage kids . However, now you ask, yes we did consider adoption many moons ago... but it wasn't easy or necessary... Haringey Council has plastered the area with "fostering" posters. The streets are teeming with pushchairs and oversized families, many of whom depend almost entirely on benefits.... Kids are damned expensive, get used to it ! 1 child in care in the London area costs £100,000 per year. 

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How many children have you adopted?

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