Dictatorship by Consent


Apparently, if we believe many opinion leaders, we fought most recent wars to spread freedom and democracy. Allegedly people across the world admire us because of our deep-rooted civic political culture. Never mind any inconvenient conflicts between personal freedom and true democracy, but what do the international ruling elites and their faithful cheerleaders actually mean by this Hellenic word for people power ?

The Globalist Mindset


If you love planet earth and the human race, may I humbly suggest corporate globalisation leading to a grotesque misappropriation of resources may not be such a good idea after all. However, some self-proclaimed progressives disagree. They somehow associate the onward march of transnational organisations, the proliferation of branded retail outlets and the relentless expansion of the non-productive hedonism business with a concept they like to call progress.

11 million empty homes, in the wrong places


The Guardian newspaper has just revealed to its credulous readers that EU-wide no fewer than 11 million dwellings stand empty. This apparent news has been endlessly recycled by various well-funded lobbies and think-tanks to suggest there is no housing crisis in the regions that have recently attracted most inward migration. Meanwhile to accommodate 4 million new UK residents, the government has relaxed planning laws to allow the building of 3 million new homes, many on prime agricultural land.

All true conservatives are green


I sometimes enjoy Peter Hitchens’  antidote to mainstream trendy Neo-Liberal thinking, but fear he is on some subjects in bad company and a tad ill-informed. No rational person could deny volumes of hard evidence showing the exponential rise in humanity’s collective impact on our planet’s delicate ecosystem, both in terms of our numbers (rising from just 750 million at the start of the industrial revolution to 7 billion now) and our per capita consumption.

Hedonism Ablaze


What a coincidence! Just days after the US administration agreed to raise their country's debt ceiling and let the global consumption party go on for a few more months or maybe years, In London marauding mobs run riot, loot retail outlets and set commercial and residential buildings on fire. Reportedly it all started in Tottenham Hale, North East, on Saturday evening when demonstration against the police shooting of a minicab driver and alleged drug dealer, Mark Duggan, descended into violence, just four miles from my bedsit.

Teachers fear restraint powers will bring chaos

This is just amazing. Most posters seem to favour the expansion of video surveillance and even less intergenerational contact. We need to look at why kids misbehave and IMHO the answer lies in the kind of dysfunctional households encouraged by benefits dependency, single parent households, celebrity culture, TV, video game addiction and a bogus children's rights movement. Children should have a right to a mother and a father figure and sensible environmentally sustainable role models. If we contaminate...

Clegg throws it all away

In Mr Rentoul's fantasy world, New Labour stands to the progressive left of the current Tory/LibDem management team. However, whenever they deviate from the party line on neoliberal globalisation, Mr Rentoul doesn't like it. How dare Nick Clegg suggest the oil-motivated invasion of Iraq was illegal? How dare anyone suggest that long-term environment sustainability is more important than short-term profits. NewLabour left this country in a huge mess, Mr Rentoul, with Europe's least sustainable economy, ...

570,000 could join housing waiting lists

Get real, we have already surpassed our long-term carrying capacity. I'm all for technology, but most technologies have limitations and unforeseen adverse effects. We stand at around peak oil, nuclear is no panacea (uranium-rich ore is limited too and storage and safety problems immense). Then we have "peak potable water", "peak fertile topsoil" etc... Allowing the world's population to keep growing is ultimately suicidal. A subtle point you may not have considered it is, technocracy empowers a tiny elite ...

'I can get my family back': immigrants driven out of Arizona return home

As an anti-imperialism, I think Arizona should have remained Mexican anyway. However, immigration to richer countries encourages both greater per capita consumption (the first thing many newcomers want is a car, and in the US that's likely to be a gas-guzzling SUV) and procreation, as newcomers take advantage of social welfare handouts. I suspect this is part of the Independent's pro-Cornucopia season. No, unlimited immigration and population growth are not sustainable on a finite planet and will lead to...

End to compulsory retirement age welcomed

Another myopic unlimited-growthist. Yes i know more people create more demand and thus more jobs, but it's a circular argument. The point is do these jobs create real long-term sustainable wealth, helping to feed and house the remaining population. So what is the UK's carrying capacity? How long can we keep relying on imports and export pollution created by our consumption? Have you considered the effects of peak oil, rising energy prices or do you seriously think a few windmills will power the 4x4 jeeps...


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