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Letter to The Guardian exposing Corporate Agenda behind its Science Coverage

I read with interest your report about celebrity endorsement of alternative diets and treatments (The truth about celebrity health claims, Wed 03/01/07) . While I agree the media disseminates a multitude of disinformation and scare stories that may lead people to choose unwise diets, may I point out that Sense about Science is a front for the vested commercial and political interests of leading pharmaceutical, biotech and nuclear energy corporations intent on diverting public attention away from the potential long-term environmental and health hazards of their products. Led by a clique with close links to the Frank Furedi sect formerly known as the RCP, then LM Magazine and more recently "Spiked Online", this group promotes an unashamedly technocratic agenda, regularly accusing its adversies of green fascism. Its spnonsors include Association of the British Pharmaceutial Industry (ABPI), Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the Biochemical Society, BP-Amoco, GlaxoSmithKline, Oxford GlycoSciences, Pfizer, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and Unilever. For more information please visit and search "Sense About Science" . I trust in the interests of genuine debate the Guardian will afford equal space to those concerned about misleading information produced incessantly by big business.

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