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Groupthink and the Totalitarian Mindset

Could this covid marshal police compliance with future climate lockdowns?

Until the early 2000s I had taken it for granted that only outwardly autocratic dictatorships such as the former Soviet Union, Maoist China, Nazi Germany or North Korea required their citizens to think alike. As a cultural lefty, I’ve always prided myself on independence of mind, but also hoped humanity would converge on a more caring and sharing society. Could socialism ever come about without suppressing either people’s individuality or the true cultural diversity of communities with different interpretations of morality? Let us just consider that one section of American society believes life begins at conception, but gun ownership is a God-given right, while another believes only the state-authorised agencies can be trusted with guns, but a woman’s emotional wellbeing trumps the rights of the unborn. Perversely, many who support a woman’s right to choose over the survival of a foetus in her womb, do not support her right to choose which pharmaceutical drugs are injected into her body or have any meaningful say over her child’s education. If we cannot reconcile conflicting worldviews, we can at least agree to have different jurisdictions that enforce different laws reflecting the will of local peoples. That’s called democracy, but it only works when commoners can override the will of the ruling elites who do not necessarily have their best interests at heart. Increasingly, our rulers treat us like zoo animals who have to be tamed and kept in captivity for our own good.

The greatest shock over the last couple of years has not just been the overall tyrannical drift, but the acquiescence of the liberal professional classes, who have long vaunted their tolerance and philanthropy. The biggest cheerleaders for lockdowns, mask mandates and jab coercion were not old-fashioned conservatives or intolerant ethno-nationalists, but trendy progressives who see themselves as heirs to the hippies of the 1960s and 70s or the later new-age movement. We have somehow progressed from smoking pot at rock concerts, growing organic vegetables and skinny-dipping in pristine lakes in search of a greater connection with mother nature to embracing an obsessive bio-security regime that exploits our fear of contagions and environmental Armageddon only to empower technocrats to confine most of us to compact human habitation zones.

As I write, Dutch farmers have blocked their country’s highways and byways to protest against their government’s radical nitrogen-reduction measures. Their government wants to cut dairy and livestock farming in favour of the kind of genetically engineered crops and food processing plants favoured by big food startups such as the Dutch supermarket chain Picnic. The country’s prime minister, Mark Rutte, has openly boasted about his plans to transform the Netherlands into a high-tech food hub, run by engineers and artificially intelligent robots rather than by families who have farmed the land for generations. By sheer coincidence, Justin Trudeau’s Canadian administration is rolling out a variant of the same policies by letting soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to sell their land to the same predatory biotech multinationals that have gained the most from the last two years of top-down crisis management.

Yet the mainstream media keeps alive the myth of democracy with controlled opposition groups who indulge in identity politics, while ignoring the greatest power grab ever in human history. The Italian election campaign may provide the temporary illusion of choice between advocates of national sovereignty and progressive antiracists. Only a year ago all major parties in the government of national unity under the former president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, agreed to roll out WEF-inspired green pass (digital health passport) schemes to police biotech compliance at great public expense while squandering hundreds of billions more on UBI trials, racking up unstainable debts. The same politicians who wanted to keep the unvaccinated under house arrest now accuse the opposition, mildly critical of medical apartheid, of fascism. The media seizes the tragic murder of a Nigerian immigrant by a jealous Italian husband to guilt-trip indigenous Italians critical of uncontrolled mass immigration. The trendy managerial classes can virtue-signal their racial tolerance, while native Italian doctors and nurses are still on unpaid leave because they refused to cooperate with Pfizer and Moderna.

Many on the left still believe in the fairy tale of endless regeneration through immigration to wealthier countries with low birth rates. This would be fine if we had the technology not only to sustain a projected ten billion human beings with Western European living standards but could also let all young people be architects of their destiny, enjoying the kind of freedom and opportunities that once abounded in the prosperous West. The fourth industrial revolution is fast putting an end to that dream with the smart automation of most manual and clerical jobs that might sustain the livelihoods and personal independence of both the native and migrant working classes. Over the last twenty years we’ve seen a rapid shift away from long-term careers in practical trades to the gig economy of short-term contracts and extreme labour mobility. Uber drivers and Amazon delivery agents may earn a few quick bucks with only a standard driving licence, but their employers are busy investing in driverless vehicles and drones. Their jobs are temporary because their services will soon be superfluous to requirements. More disturbingly, the tech giants have abandoned the consumer growth model that favoured endless market expansion for disposable goods. With armies of drones and strict regulation of natural socialisation, Big Tech now needs people more as compliant guinea pigs than either as workers or consumers. Strong-willed and independent-minded workers pose a threat to their hegemony. Human beings may withdraw their labour and may not always follow orders. Robots may malfunction, but they are both dispensable and easily replaceable. Our tech overlords may need some engineers, marketers and middle managers, but they are phasing out their reliance on truckers, farmers, fishermen, builders or even on human nurses. The neoliberal dream successfully lured people away from traditional self-reliant communities to urban landscapes owned by controlled by big business and governments. Now with the advent of artificial intelligence, most humble human workers will be unable to compete and be lured instead into lifelong dependence on universal basic income with social credits for good behaviour.

The notional left no longer stands up for workers’ rights or challenges the extreme concentration of power in fewer and fewer hands. Instead its leaders advocate paternalism for the largely workless masses with special privileges only for the compliant managerial and engineering classes. They champion identity politics around whimsical lifestyle choices and personality traits, while blaming the socially conservative working classes for the crimes of colonialism. They obsess with LGBTQ++ rights and mental health, while turning a blind eye to the plight of young families who want to earn a living and raise the next generation with the ethics and culture of their forebears. Today's fake left is not anti-establishment at all, it is the establishment. If you have BlackRock, Vanguard, Big Tech, CNN, the BBC and the leading NGO's on your side, you cannot claim any grassroots credentials. Progressivism, for want of a better term, hinges on the belief that an upper caste of scientific experts should be the only masters of our destiny. Unchallenged, they have the ultimate power of life and death over the rest of humanity.

All in the Mind

The Sheer Arrogance of the Davos Set

Could this be our future?

Ever since the 2020 technocratic coup, the billionaire class has only grown richer while the lower and middle classes have struggled to make ends meet without Mafia handouts. By Mafia, I mean the unholy alliance of large corporations and state entities that control our infrastructure and have their eyes set on every aspect of our private lives. The top 1% who have benefited most from the techno-putsch of early 2020 may number as many 80 millions worldwide, but most within this clique of middle managers are mere expendable hangers on, whose task it is to roll out the socially transformative policies now marketed at the Great Reset. Our real rulers are probably fewer than 0.001% of the 8 billion people alive today. While the banksters behind the phased demolition of our civilisation may preach equality and diversity, they consider most of us mere zoo animals at the mercy of their keepers. As Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari said, human beings are now easily hackable animals. He is one of WEF’s chief advisors.

One could be forgiven for believing, as I once did, that outfits like the World Economic Forum are mainly concerned with furthering the cause of economic growth through free trade and open competition. One might imagine them holding workshops on high-tech innovation in developing countries to realise the neoliberal dream of widespread prosperity by letting the world’s poor gain access to the kind of opportunities millions of North Americans and Western Europeans have enjoyed over the last few decades. Admittedly, I never shared that dream. I wanted us to transition to a decentralised steady-state economy that values community cohesion, social wellbeing and long-term sustainability more than the short-term thrills of mass consumerism and technological convenience. Alas the centralisers have co-opted the term sustainability to consolidate their power. Their concept of sustainability focuses on their hegemony, not on our vitality or longevity.

A six decade long era of unparalleled growth has now given way to a new era of rapid downsizing with creeping virtualisation of physical reality. This year’s Davos meetup did not discuss how to provide all Africans with a clean water supply or how to encourage investment in large irrigation projects across the continent’s vast expanses of semi-arid land to alleviate food insecurity. Instead, they focussed on vaccine uptake and a radical shift away from the fossil fuel economy to address the perceived threats of viral infections and climate change, neither of which are new. They blame us for their imperial wars and the adverse effects of the consumer lifestyle they have promoted for the best part of 60 years. The subscript is that the global elites no longer want consumption-led growth. They no longer see a growing population of middle-class consumers as a business opportunity, but a threat to their survival as a privileged class of superhumans shielded from the pandemonium of the great unwashed. To maintain their privileges, the hyper-rich no longer need hundreds of millions of workers competing in a frenetic rat race. They need compliant guinea pigs or tame zoo animals, whom they may reward for good behaviour. They may keep a small entourage of engineers and scientists to help them develop their new infrastructure of artificially intelligent robots, but they view most of humanity as useless eaters superfluous to their needs.

The trouble for the elites is we do not need them either. Once we figure out how to circumvent their control grid, disable their robo-cops and create parallel societies with our own infrastructure and jurisdiction, the elites will have little choice but to unleash the gates of the hell on mainstream humanity, thereby dispensing with any pretence of philanthropy and revealing their support for eugenics. That may provide a window of opportunity for the disenfranchised former working classes to wake up and overthrow the cabal of control freaks who currently hold the world to ransom.

All in the Mind Power Dynamics

The Mafia and its Minions

How yesteryear's colonialists morphed into today's trendsetters

Billionaires' Club

I’ve often struggled to find a concise and generally understood term for the ruling cabal that transcends national borders and nominally democratic institutions. Henceforth I will settle for the Sicilian word, Mafia. With all due respect to modern Italians, the mafiosi were mere amateurs compared to the extended Biotech Military Industrial Complex allied closely with banking cartels, mass media outlets, NGOs and colleges as well as being deeply embedded in almost any administration, major political party or charity. Postmodern Mafia bosses are responsible for much bigger crimes against humanity. These dark forces combine to suppress our free will and mould us into malleable team players. We need a succinct  collective noun to avoid listing all the organisations these control freaks have infiltrated. The Global Mafia or just the Mafia pretty much encapsulates the state of play in the early 21st century.

Over the years I’ve read Marxists who blame capitalism for all our woes, libertarians who blame the state, anarchists who blame both, anti-imperialists who blame colonialists, nationalists who blame globalists, one-world-love idealists who blame both, free thinkers who blame psychiatry, naturopaths who blame big pharma, technology enthusiasts who blame luddites and environmentalists who blame overconsumption. I’ve learned a good deal from critical thinkers from all schools of thought.

Only the law differentiates organised crime syndicates from the unholy alliance of governments and large corporations. Just as we pay tax to avoid hefty penalties or jail, people in Mafia-controlled areas of Sicily pay il pizzo or protection money. If you cooperate with your local Mafia bosses and turn a blind eye to their immoral deeds, you may be granted some personal freedoms and lead a relatively untroubled life, as long as you don’t rock the boat and know your place. Historically, most modern states emerged from fiefdoms whose rulers won power through a mix of warcraft and leadership skills. All modern states and large corporations operate as legalised mafias with slick marketing operations. Now if you dare speak out against your captors, they tarnish your reputation and deny you access to social media or any other public platforms.

Only once the forebears of today’s ruling classes had consolidated power through various tiers of administration could they begin to win the trust and loyalty of their subjects through public consultations. However, before the commonfolk could vote in parliamentary elections, we had to be educated to identify with the socio-political system that had been imposed on us. While the British establishment may have prided itself on democracy at home, although universal franchise was only achieved in the 1920s (for most men over 21 in 1918 and most women in 1929), in Africa and Asia they considered most natives too unworldly to vote and preferred to consult tribal leaders instead. We may consider former Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, who delayed the former British colony ‘s transition to majority rule, an outmoded racialist, but his attitude to black Zimbabweans differed little from that of enlightened liberal thinkers of the late 19th century. They believed the natives had to be tamed before the managerial classes could extend public consultations to them. By the early 1990s universal suffrage with multi-party elections had reached countries as diverse as South Africa, Russia and Brazil. Liberal democracy had seemingly won the day, while transnational corporations were busy expanding their empires and corrupting governments.

The last two years of pandemic madness should have at least taught us that our nominally elected politicians are just following orders. At best they can negotiate with our real rulers on how best to roll out policies that unaccountable remote entities have already decided. They act as mere intermediaries between us and our colonial masters, who project their power via their tight grip on all aspects of our socio-economic infrastructure. A handful of investment firms, such as Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street Corporation and Berkshire Hathaway, own most shares not only in IT giants but also in the world’s leading biotechnology companies, food processors, major retailers and arms manufacturers. Household names as diverse as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple, Amazon, Tesco, Walmart (Asda in the UK), Carrefour, Aldi, Pfizer, Biontech, Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, BA Systems and Capgemini are all joined at the hip. They’re all different incarnations of the same monster.

It’s a tangled web of super-billionaires working in tandem with the big banks and the World Economic Forum to set the policy agendas that governments roll out. Some like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Michael Bloomberg may be high-profile but other wheelers and dealers, especially in hedge funds and asset management, remain much more elusive. Whichever way, big decisions float from the top down. Consent is only ever manufactured.

Before the covid scare hardly anyone would have supported the concept of digital health passports to gain access to public venues. Eighteen months of relentless fearmongering led millions of wishful thinkers to support medical apartheid. Formerly tolerant progressives began to support total surveillance and censorship for the common good. Their new enemies were not the banksters whose wealth has skyrocketed since the first lockdowns, but the spectre of free-thinking human beings making rational choices about what to do with their own bodies, namely nonconformists who fail to comply with woke officialdom. In the past, such people often fled to freer lands, but now many of the world’s wealthiest countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany and Italy, have some of the strictest biomedical security regimes.

For every member of the Davos Set, there are millions of privileged hangers-on in middle management and awareness raising. In the UK we may call this breed of affluent self-righteous fake do-gooders Guardian readers. They're on a mission to educate the great unwashed about the evils of climate change, transphobia, white supremacy, Putin and antivaxxers. Yet few see the bigger picture. They would rather blame the politically incorrect working classes than admit today's woke billionaires favour eugenics.

Today’s colonial masters have rebranded themselves as one-world-love idealists who care deeply about the planet and its diverse peoples. The truth is they consider most people alive today useless eaters. They are the true heirs of 18th and 19th century imperialists who treated the natives as exotic wildlife. Today they treat 99% of humanity as zoo animals. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Never has so much power been concentrated in so few people.

Power Dynamics War Crimes

Neither Washington nor Moscow, but Natural Humanity

Some readers may recognise the above slogan as a calque on the Socialist Workers’ Party’s old catchline ending in “but international socialism”. It appealed to the anti-establishment radical left who realised the old Soviet Union had failed to deliver the kind of Utopian communalism to which they aspired. How could we oppose American imperialism in Latin America, while turning a blind eye to abuses of basic human rights in countries controlled or occupied by the USSR? To do so, we had to favour a rose-tinted vision of life under Soviet rule while attributing all hardships at home to something we called capitalism. In reality, both systems saw extreme concentrations of power with plenty of regulations to maintain social order. Yet the Western mixed economy model proved better at spreading prosperity and lifting people out of extreme poverty, mainly due to better and more efficient technology.

Thirty-one years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the world appears once again divided between rival camps as the United States of America loses its role as the world’s dominant superpower. As Western governments resort to more authoritarian means of people management, some of us may pin our hopes on Russia, China and India as the new beacons of human progress. I very much doubt the Kremlin would have authorised the military occupation of Ukraine without the covert support of Asia’s two most populous countries.

In all major conflicts since the fall of the Iron Curtain, we have witnessed a familiar pattern of concerted media campaigns that serve not only to manufacture consent for military intervention, but to instil in the public mind the dominant narrative of an enlightened liberal international community battling barbaric despots. The Western media has at different times portrayed Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad as the latest reincarnations of Hitler. To counter this narrative, peace campaigners had to learn the often chequered histories of regional ethno-religious rivalry and imperial meddling. Objective truth in such disputes is seldom a clearcut case of good versus evil. The United States bankrolled the predecessors of Al Qaeda, the Mujahadeen, in the 1980s to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and initially supported Saddam Hussein’s regime in the eight-year Iraq-Iran war. Until recently it seemed plausible to assume the US-centred Deep State has destabilised many resource-rich regions to consolidate their commercial interests. This logic suggests that the Western working classes may have unjustly benefited from the exploitation of other regions. In the eras of Western imperialism and American exceptionalism, large corporations certainly did use some of the proceeds of their exploitation of third world resources to buy off the working classes, but then they opted to outsource most intensive manufacturing to China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries with shameful human rights records. Since China has morphed into the world’s industrial powerhouse, it has increasingly relied on the exploitation of raw materials in Africa, South America and Siberia. Only the greenback’s role as the world’s reserve currency and the USA’s strong military ties with Saudi Arabia have prevented China from dominating the global economy. Now Saudi Arabia has agreed to sell its fossil fuels in Yuan and Russia has put the rouble back on the gold standard, cutting favourable deals with India and China.

As soon as Russian forces occupied Eastern Ukraine, Western governments acted fast to censor RT and turn up the level of anti-Russian propaganda with wild accusations of mindless atrocities attributed to Russian forces. However, the Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Iranian media have failed to toe the Western line. This is not a war between a mad dictator, personified by Putin, and the enlightened West. It’s the end of the New American Century and the beginning of the next phase in the Great Reset, something that could not happen without the active participation of the Chinese Communist Party. The Russian army may not be deliberately targeting Ukrainian civilians. The Azov Battalion may well be responsible for many of the crimes the Western media attributes to Putin, but Russia has already lost some 16,000 lives in this war and has no need for more living space. That’s more than 13,000 thousand who died in the 8-year civil war in the Donbas and Luhansk. Just as American military interventionism has failed to benefit US citizens back home, Russian revanchism will bring neither peace nor prosperity for its citizens. The Ukrainian question could have been solved peacefully and democratically.

In many ways, Russian propaganda mirrors Western narratives. RT is certainly a smooth operation providing the semblance of objectivity, but their favourite game is to portray all advocates of national self-determination as Nazis. They may have a point with some elements of the Azov Battalion, but Ukrainian cultural attitudes are broadly in line with their neighbours and their politically incorrect sympathies for defunct regimes a product of Stalinist repression and the Holodomor. Why is Ukrainian nationalism so much more dangerous than Polish or Lithuanian nationalism, both of which had been suppressed by the former Russian Empire? The whole thing looks like a pantomime with narratives tailored to different audiences. Russian and Chinese audiences may believe this is a result of NATO aggression and Russia is liberating Ukraine from Western-backed Nazis. The West claims the Russians are the aggressors behaving like Nazis, while offloading the blame for the impending financial collapse on Putin. This manufactured conflict provides the perfect backdrop for the eclipse of American hegemony with the full blessing of big tech.

I fear the main beneficiary of this futile war will be the kind of Sinocentric globalism that Justin Trudeau admires. If modern Russia has killed thousands in Chechnya and hundreds in Ukraine, China continues to kill thousands of Uighur insurgents with utter impunity. The Western European economy may struggle to cope with higher gas prices as a result of Russian sanctions, but it would grind to a halt without China. Our entire industrial base depends on cheap Chinese imports. The elites will use the new cold war to fast-track the Great Reset with the smart automation of most monotonous jobs, universal basic income dependent on social credit scores and total surveillance of all human habitation zones. Not only has Russia introduced digital health passes, but its main ally, China, has enforced the most extreme lockdown ever in Shanghai with children testing positive for the mild omicron variant removed from their parents.

For more on Russia’s role in the New World Order, I recommend the excellent debate hosted by the Off-Guardian with Ian Davis and Tom Luongo among others.

All in the Mind Power Dynamics

Unwelcome Dilemmas in the age of Universal Deceit

Orwellian deception

For some time now, I have observed how most equality and diversity initiatives usually do the exact opposite. Equality tends to mean greater dependence on state handouts and large corporations, while banksters and tech tycoons consolidate their control over every aspect of our surroundings and private lives. Diversity tends to emphasise superficial differences and labels applied to people based on arbitrary personality profiles rather than practical diversity in skills and ways of life. We may see a greater variation in skin tones, hair styles and fashion statements in most major human habitation zones, but much less variety in customs.

Now it appears most new public health initiatives create more ill-health and most humanitarian campaigns bring us more death and destruction. Over the last two years governments, with the full support of international bankers, have imposed lockdowns and mandated medical interventions which have demonstrably done more harm than good. Only by manipulating statistics can the authorities claim that strict regulation of physical proximity has reduced the spread of respiratory infections. Yet in country after country, the imposition of strict covid measures has had the precise opposite effect. South Korea had one of the lowest covid-19-attributed death rates in the world. Indeed, proponents of face mask mandates heralded the country as a success story. Now, just a few months after rolling out vaccine passports and reaching their goal of inoculating over 90% of their adult citizens, South Korea has seen an unexpected rise in people suffering from severe respiratory diseases. While our focus should be on all-cause mortality and our quality of life, covid-19 restrictions have not even succeeded in reducing deaths attributed to covid-19, which in practice mean anyone who dies after testing positive for the virus whether or not it contributed to their demise.

The covidian cult has finally given way to the Ukrainian cult within the wider context of impending environmental doom. Let’s leave aside the details of Eastern European history or microbiology for a moment. Back in 2019 I recall walking through the streets of Edinburgh adorned with LGBTQ++ pride iconography everywhere. Don’t get me wrong. I’m old enough to remember when gay pride events belonged to a counterculture at loggerheads with the authorities. In 2020 after the first lockdown, NHS-themed covid iconography bedecked street furniture. In 2021, the covid-safety theme morphed into the liberation-through-vaccination theme with vaccination buses in place of gay pride buses. Now, yellow and blue flags dominate the cityscape as the authorities beseech us to stand with Ukraine. Just as the LGBTQ++ events did little to help youngsters who fail to conform to traditional male or female stereotypes by imposing new stereotypes and reframing complex psychosocial challenges in terms of sexual identity, blind support for Zelenskyy’s Ukraine will do little to help Ukrainians, including those in the central and western regions who prefer independence from their larger eastern neighbour. How can we believe that the same global players who have over the last 30 years done everything to undermine national sovereignty in Western Europe, the Americas and the Middle East have suddenly embraced it in Ukraine?

Power Dynamics War Crimes

Who Wants War?

Just two weeks ago, Western leaders like Boris Johnson announced that Russia was poised to attack Ukraine. Considering the US still has military bases in many countries surrounding the Russian Federation and over 10 times the military budget, I doubted the Kremlin would risk triggering World War 3 to settle old scores with its Slavic neighbour. It had little to gain materially. Unlike most Western and Central European countries, Russia does not lack either space or resources. Whatever you may think of Vladimir Putin, his strategy has usually been flawless. Territorial disputes make little sense in an interconnected world where large corporations can simply buy influence. This begs the question: Why now?

The former Soviet Republic declared independence over 30 years ago. Most of its territory had been part of the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union after an interlude of independence following the short-lived Brest-Litovsk Treaty in 1918-19. Over the centuries parts of its western provinces have at different times been part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Much of the south, from Odessa to the Crimea was once under Ottoman Rule before the Russian Empire conquered it in the 17th century. While the word Ukraine itself means borderlands, the Kievan Rus is often considered the birthplace of Russian civilisation as it evolved since the 9th century. In many ways the Ukrainians are more Slavic, and thus closer to the original Russians than modern Russians, who have assimilated with a much more diverse range of peoples as they expanded east. Successive empires have suppressed Ukrainian cultural identity. Before the 20th century, the North West sandwiched between Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus and the Dnieper river was known loosely as Ruthenia. Under the Czars, distinctive Ukrainian culture and language retreated to the rural hinterlands. While the Bolsheviks succeeded in winning back the region in the 1917-23 Russian Civil War, resistance to forced collectivisation among Ukrainian smallholders exacerbated the mass famines of the mid 1930s  known as the Holodomor, with between 3 and 7 million excess deaths. This experience helps explain why many Ukrainian nationalists welcomed the 1941 Nazi occupation and some, notably the notorious Azov Battalion, sympathise with Aryan Nationalism to this day.

The point is Ukraine with its current borders, or at least those recognised before the recent Russian invasion, has only been independent as a single entity for the last three decades and its citizens are riven by conflicting loyalties and cultural identities, with some looking east and others west. Only eight years ago the US, UK and EU-sponsored operatives engineered the Euromaidan colour revolution to overthrow pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. Back in 2014, young Ukrainians could be forgiven for looking to the freer and wealthier West rather than the more backward and poorer East. Closer ties with the EU and NATO were marketed as the best way to bring the American dream of an affluent middle class to the former Soviet Republic. Now Western governments are adopting Chinese-style bio-surveillance and clamping down on dissent. We now take it for granted that main media outlets will either ignore or besmirch politically incorrect protesters. The treatment of anti-vaccine-mandate protesters across Europe and North America shows how fast the once liberal West has moved to a totalitarian model that grants citizens time-limited rights based on compliant behaviour just like in the old Soviet Union.  People fled repressive regimes to enjoy greater freedom and prosperity rather than nanny-state security.

What’s really happening?

If we believe the Western media, Putin has not only invaded Ukraine allegedly reaching Kiev (Kyiv) by Saturday 26th February but may well threaten the Baltic States. The Mirror newspaper featured a map of Southern England with the extended fallout zone of a potential Russian nuclear strike on London encompassing over 25 million residents. Yet so far, we only have verified evidence of airstrikes against military targets with collateral damage. That’s the term the Americans used to explain civilian deaths after airstrikes in successive wars since the first Gulf War in 1991. Indeed, despite their withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, the USAF bombed Somalia last week, while Israel and Saudi Arabia continue their raids on Syria and Yemen respectively with US and UK-supplied weaponry. Many scenes of fleeing civilians appear staged with crisis actors and face-painted wounds. Journalists in flak jackets and helmets appear only metres away from local residents going casually about their everyday lives. On Friday we heard a Russian destroyer ship shot dead 13 Ukrainian soldiers defending the tiny Black Sea outpost of Snake Island ( Ostriv Zmiinyi). Russian reports later showed the same soldiers surrendering to Russian naval officers. Over the coming weeks, independent journalists will sort claims and counter-claims about atrocities in Ukraine, but I would not trust either Western or Russian sources. For balance, I’d much rather rely on English-medium Indian sources. India has strong economic ties with Russia, but also maintains friendly relations with the US and EU.

Although the Russian Federation remains the world’s largest country and has the world’s second largest nuclear arsenal, its military budget dwarfs that of the United States. When measured in US dollars, Russia ranks 8th. The United Kingdom, with less than half its population, spends more both in absolute terms and per capita.

Biggest Military Spenders

Countrybillion USD2022 PopUSD per capita
United States750.0334,805,269$2,240.11
Saudi Arabia67.635,844,909$1,885.90
United Kingdom55.168,497,907$804.40
South Korea44.051,329,899$857.20

It’s about resources, stupid…

Much of Central and Eastern Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas to heat homes. Italy and Germany import around 50% of their gas from the Eastern Bear. Without expanding nuclear power, governments would have to invest billions of € more in renewables to meet current demand. Energy is about to get a lot dearer. Millions will have little choice but to wear extra layers in winter rather than risk paying exorbitant heating bills. But it gets worse. Russia is also a leading supplier of many minerals and precious metals essential for our high-tech lifestyles. It has half of the world’s diamond reserves, 18% of its coal and iron ore and 14% of gold and is the leading producer of aluminium, arsenic, cement, copper, magnesium metal and compounds such as nitrogen, palladium, silicon and vanadium. If the Europeans and North Americans don’t wish to do business, the Russians have hungry markets in China and India. However, thanks to its undervalued currency and distorted global financial markets heavily dependent on property speculation in a few key metropolises, the Russian economy still seems much smaller than that of the G7 countries. Once the US dollar crashes, bringing the Euro and Pound Sterling down with it, control of natural resources will matter more than electronic bank balances. The Western World’s economy is built on debt and in the last two years of the covid scare, quantitative easing has devalued the main currencies. Russia’s trump card is that is not indebted to foreign banks and can easily survive the collapse of the global banking system, just it survived the Bolshevik Revolution, forced collectivisation, the Nazi invasion and the fall of the Soviet Union. Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan or Serbia, Russia has a functioning nuclear deterrent.

Could Putin’s belligerence accelerate the Great Reset?

While the main European and North American governments take a firm stand against Russian aggression, Israel, India, China and, most notably, the World Economic Forum remain much more neutral. Putin is listed on the WEF website as a former Global Young Leader. Only last October, Vladimir Putin delivered a speech declaring his full support for the coming fourth industrial revolution. After some initial scepticism, the Russian government has also rolled out its own version of the bio-security state. Some may mistakenly believe Russia will stand up to the banksters and biotech mafia, but such beasts are now global in nature and as deeply embedded in China and India as they are in the West. The tech giants rely heavily on the Chinese manufacturing base and by 2030 the Chinese economy will have overtaken the USA’s in absolute terms. Of note, at the UN Security Council, China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstained when asked to pass a resolution calling the immediate cessation of Russian military actions against its Slavic neighbour.

The engineered crisis has succeeded in justifying larger military budgets, heightened security, more surveillance of dissident groups and greater censorship of all media outlets either directly connected with the Kremlin or suspected of accepting the Russian narrative. Just as Russian police arrest peace protesters in St Petersburg and Moscow, any Westerners who fail to offer their unconditional support for the Ukrainian resistance and potential Western military actions are now considered traitors. This is a win-win situation for autocrats in Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.

Many suggest that a demilitarised neutral Ukraine, acting as a bridge between Central Europe and the East with full respect for the diverse ethnic backgrounds and loyalties of its citizens, may have averted this showdown. However, I fear neither the West nor the Kremlin wanted peace and prosperity to prevail. The spectre of nuclear Armageddon may be an even more effective means of behavioural modification than the virus scare. With the biosecurity state now firmly in place, Western governments can detain dissidents without trial. Millions will not be drafted to fight in Ukraine as the real war is over economic and ideological control. The global elites need the spectre of never-ending territorial conflicts to justify the next more austere phase of the Great Reset. Meanwhile, it will be business as usual with China.

All in the Mind Power Dynamics

Notes on Mass Formation and Psychological Vulnerability


Of late, alternative media channels have been abuzz with talk of conformism. How else can we explain why hundreds of millions of people around the world have let an engineered culture of fear control their behaviour, social interactions and perception of non-compliant neighbours. The fear has been so great, that many seemed oblivious to the massive transfer of power to the Biotech Industrial Complex.

Mass formation is best understood in the context of crowd psychology or collective delusion and should not be confused with neurological disorders that may be triggered by psychosocial stressors. Professor Mattias Desmet, whose research has recently popularised the phenomenon, has corrected many Anglophone observers who insist on adding the qualifier psychosis. Mass group formation might clarify the concept. In her 1958 book on The Human Condition, Hannah Arendt referred mainly to mass movements that require ideological conformity but not necessarily formal membership. In recent decades we have witnessed two outwardly conflicting trends. On the one hand, we have become more atomised with the demise of traditional families and close-knit communities and their substitution with looser networks of acquaintances and special interest buddies. On the other, we have been lured into various branches of a global super-culture via a ubiquitous mediascape that has conquered our minds and suppressed our power of independent thought.

The dilemma of technologically advanced societies is the degree of trust we have to place in machines and remote entites, whose inner workings we cannot conceivably understand without relying on someone’s else expertise. When faced with conflicting evidence and analyses on scientific controversies, we can either devote much time and resources to detailed independent research or we can take shortcuts by ascertaining whose interests well-known experts represent or simply judge people by their track record, which may also involve a fair amount of work to sort the wheat from the chaff. As soon as once-respected scientists rock the boat and begin to expose medical malpractice, deception or corruption, the mainstream media will either ignore or smear them. Outright lies are seldom the target of concerted censorship, although hate speech laws may first single out the exponents of unpopular opinions that the public at large loathes. Ironically, the same legislation that criminalises the downplaying of past crimes against humanity may perversely serve to silence those who seek to expose new crimes against humanity. Once we let a handful of corporate fact checkers determine the truth and set the boundaries of permissible dissent, we have replaced the façade of liberal democracy with epistocracy or rule by anointed experts.

The trick all along has been to paint the advocates of centralised authoritarian control as progressive philanthropists concerned with protecting the most vulnerable in our society and their adversaries as selfish reactionaries unwilling to accept change.

In the hope of reconciliation, we grant supreme power to a bunch of technocrats whose authority we may longer challenge. We are thus trained to view objective reality through the prism of prescribed truths. When official doctrine conflicts with the empirical data we need to solve a practical problem, we may have to accept convoluted logic to explain apparent contradictions. This leads to cognitive dissonance at multiple levels. I fear many seemingly intelligent people have lost the ability to think critically as they parrot warped groupthink.

Such people often like to ridicule so-called conspiracy theorists or science deniers, whom they view as mentally ill and to whom they claim some sort of moral superiority. Yet they instinctively dismiss anything that runs counter to the official narrative as the wild conjecture of a demented fringe minority. I regularly hear semi-intellectual group-thinkers recycle talking points from the trendy corporate media.

They may claim to be experts on the antivax movement because they read a Guardian, Huffington Post, NY Times or Washington Post article on ties between Dr Robert W Malone and the spectre of the far right. A brief analysis of Politfact’s page on the microbiologist and vaccine developer might enlighten us. Their target audience is obviously the questioning professional classes, the kind of people who may question the narrative but also crave social acceptance and professional approval. The top three reasons why Politfact claims we should distrust Dr Malone is that Twitter banned him, he was not the only person involved in the invention of mRNA gene therapies and lastly he has allegedly spread false and misleading information that appeals to that evil subspecies of humanity now known as antivaxxers. In short, do not trust Dr Malone because our corporate backers do not like what he says. Yet the same article struggles to identify any significant factual inaccuracies in Dr Malone’s public pronouncements, preferring to infer guilt by association with Trump supporters on alternative social media platforms.

The virus scare started with Event 201 in October 2019 at John Hopkins University. Administrators and media executives agreed how they would flood the airwaves to spread fear of a novel virus and suppress opposition to the proposed solution, a novel gene therapy injection they would market as vaccines, so they could smear opponents as luddite antivaxxers. Paradoxically, the same university published a study that showed all lockdown measures combined, including antisocial distancing and mask mandates, only reduced covid-19-attributed mortality by 0.2%. Throughout the simulated pandemic, a dubious association has been instilled in the public mind between tragic reports of preventable excess deaths and the Draconian measures imposed at enormous socio-economic expense. People have subconsciously assimilated the notion that non-compliance with these new diktats will kill the vulnerable. Compliance with the Science™️ has become the self-righteous stance. Challenging the official science has become a heresy.

Today’s social conformists – the kind of people who tend to go along with the woke agenda that today’s faux-liberal intelligentsia favours – like to think of themselves as open, tolerant, multicultural and democratic as well opposing any hint of racism, misogyny or homophobia. Yet they now support policies that have the exact opposite effects to their professed utopian goals. How can you extol the virtues of open borders between countries while welcoming strict biomedical controls on the free association of people in private homes, commercial and public buildings? How can you claim any liberal credentials if you’re happy for the authorities to regulate every aspect of people’s private lives? How can you vaunt your tolerance when you cannot put up with different viewpoints? How can you celebrate multiculturism when you decry all divergent ways of life and belief systems out of sync with your vision of a synthetic rainbow coalition of shiny happy people? Lastly how can you support democracy if you do not trust commoners to decide on matters you believe they do not understand without the guidance of corporate experts?

Any viable society needs the acquiescence of its members. The real question, though, is whether we achieve social harmony through bottom-up participatory democracy that responds to the will of the little people or through top-down social engineering. The managerial classes need people to comply with expected behavioural norms out of a sense of civic duty. When only a small minority break arbitrary rules or only do so well away from public scrutiny, the police and civilians can easily deal with isolated transgressors. To maintain their respect, law enforcement agencies need the public to internalise the logic behind the curtailment of personal liberties for the common good. We may privately doubt the efficacy or purpose of many regulations, but we go along with them to avoid conflict and keep a low profile. If we have a good reason or a burning desire to break a rule, we will usually only do so with the implied consent of others in our social environment. We may take many liberties in unmonitored private spaces with like-minded friends that would be unacceptable elsewhere. Such transgressions tend to involve either indulgences that may bring pleasure to some but perturb others or the open expression of subversive beliefs that may offend only those ideologically committed to the status quo. History is replete with examples of loosely enforced laws that transgressors can get easily evade. Cannabis remains a proscribed drug in the UK for recreational purposes, but the police and law courts have long turned a blind eye to its consumption and semi-clandestine cultivation. An estimated three million Britons, including many celebrities and politicians, regularly smoke marijuana, despite decades of research linking cannabis abuse with psychosis in vulnerable young people. Yet within the space of two short years, we have sleepwalked from a more laidback approach to law-enforcement that respects privacy, bodily autonomy, family life and community traditions to a regime that criminalises natural human beings who do not comply with new-fangled regulations based on a re-interpretation of scientific evidence. If our governments really cared about health, they would mandate fresh food and exercise and tackle social exclusion. Instead, in 2020 they did almost exact opposite urging people to avoid social proximity and stay at home where they are more likely to binge on snacks and booze.

Today’s rulers no longer need the income generated directly by a large working class. They’d much rather rely on a smaller army of privileged engineers and surveillance officers, while keeping the great unwashed on universal basic income with rewards for good behaviour and occasional monitoring or care duties. Old-fashioned capitalists may have been happy for potential customers not in their direct employ to fend for themselves. The impoverished would gravitate towards new money-making opportunities out of sheer necessity in a frenzied rat race with winners and losers. Primitive capitalism would see many former peasants and smallholders meet early deaths as they failed to adapt and ended up destitute without a welfare state to fall back on. By contrast, post-modern corporations have effectively merged with governments to control every aspect of our society. Tech giants are not merely concerned with their bottom line, but with changing our way of life. They find it much easier to manipulate vulnerable people with limited self-help skills than independently minded self-starters. We have become the product they sell and if we do not conform to one of their manageable pigeonholed roles, they will cast us aside from mainstream society and may ultimately deem us expendable. Untamed free thought poses the biggest threat to our managerial classes. French anthropologist and author of The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, Gustave Le Bon, explained how crowd psychology progresses through three main phases, submergence with the loss of individual identity, contagion with the triumph of emotions over reason and suggestion with the development of a shared unconscious. The neoliberal era has given way to a new age of high-tech totalitarianism.

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Confessions of a Twitter Addict

I may be able to keep my New Year's resolution not to waste so much time trying to engage with other-minded people on Twitter. Following a short reply to a minor account on medical malpractice, my account has been suspended.

My appeal to Twitter's support team will probably fall on deaf ears. The woke enforcers of progressive technofascism do not do debate. They are only concerned with discussing how to roll out their vision of our Brave New World and how to deal with dissidents.

Censorship is real.

I would like to thank you for clarifying your opposition to democracy, which as you know cannot function without free speech and open debate on all key ethical and scientific issues of the day. Nobody has a monopoly on truth.

You claimed that I spread "misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19." In Mid 2021 I had a one-week suspension with the same justification for a reply to a user with a small following alluding to tried and tested therapeutics for viral infections currently known loosely as covid-19. The keywords that attract the attention of your censors are ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. We have over 60 years of data on the latter and around 30 years for the former. As I have stated in many other comments, these drugs should only be used at moderate doses in combination with other treatments. I have personally taken HCQ in Africa and am very familiar with its mild side effects (drowsiness). It may alleviate symptoms and reduce the likelihood of hospitalisation. As stated in the offending tweet, Ivermectin has been widely deployed in India, Japan and Iran to treat sars-cov-2 symptoms. There are numerous abstracts on PubMed discussing its efficacy:

As in most medical controversies, other studies have reached different conclusions, but I invite you to find evidence that early treatment with ivermectin at moderate doses can cause significant harm compared to "no treatment" followed by dangerous antiviral drugs such as remsdisivir accompanied by ventilation.

I suggest you censored my minor account for ideological reasons. The ball is in your court. If you persist in suspending accounts that counter the narrow covid narrative preferred by your partners in the biotech industry, then we can only conclude your organisation is opposed to liberal democracy and UNESCO’s Universal Declaration Code on Bioethetics and Human Rights.

If your platform cannot accommodate vigorous debate on such matters, its relevance will wane. It will be little more than a virtue-signalling echo chamber tolerating only controversies that do not challenge your biotech partners. One may debate whether the Earth is flat or whether Elvis Presley lives on the far side of the Moon, but one may not question the alleged "science" that regimes around the world exploit to justify growing authoritarianism.

You have recently purged many other accounts such as that of Dr Robert D Malone, the inventor of mRNA injections that you seem so keen not just to promote but to mandate as a condition for participation in society.

Prove me wrong and unsuspend my account. I welcome anyone to challenge my assertions. I have always been respectful and enjoy interacting with others who hold different views. Without open debate in the public sphere, our society will descend into authoritarianism.

Future historians will not treat tech giants like Twitter kindly if you persist with this attitude.

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The Biotech Industrial Complex

"The Handmaid's Tale" is filmed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on February 15, 2019.

In a parallel universe somewhere, conscientious scientists, doctors, nurses and administrators battle with a novel coronavirus that threatens the very survival of our species, while the main media outlets controlled by governments and large enterprises join forces in a heroic effort to persuade us to adapt our behaviour and embrace our new bio-security state for the common good. In such a fantasy world, our enemies are not governments or large corporations, but conspiracy-theorising malcontents who fail to internalise the official narrative. It hardly matters if the tech giants and investment banks are consolidating their grip on wealth and power, while they hold notionally democratic governments to ransom. We are led to believe all these drastic measures, such as censorship of alternative scientific perspectives, heightened surveillance, digital health passports and the growing militarisation of healthcare, serve only to protect us against a nanoscopic genetic sequence invisible to the naked eye.

Yet away from the mainstream media and the celebrity endorsements of our Brave New Normal, Robert F Kennedy Junior’s latest book, The Real Anthony Fauci, has exposed the whole crime syndicate behind the coronavirus narrative. Written very much from a Western liberal social-democratic perspective, Bobby Kennedy has challenged his detractors to fact-check him, not by searching for a quick rebuttal by a corporate fact-checker, but refuting the veracity of his sources with first-hand evidence.

Could the Mainstream Media lie on a such big scale?

Some will switch off as soon as they read the now ubiquitous term, mainstream media. A large cross-section of the chattering classes will instinctively dismiss anything that has not received an official seal of approval or has not been vetted by a fact-checker. The assumption here is that the authorities have our best interests at heart and are somehow trying to protect us against mischievous propagandists.

The UK Parliament is poised to pass the Online Harms Act allegedly to combat terrorism and hatred against vulnerable people. The real targets, as anyone with more than a gram of analytical grey matter on active duty, could work out, are not deranged Islamic fundamentalists or white supremacists, but critical thinkers who do not buy the pandemic narrative or any other narratives that may justify authoritarian control. While the corporate media may obsess with hurty feelings towards protected identity groups, they have launched a hate campaign against those of us who fail to comply with the biotech mafia. As Dr Peter Doshi pointed out at the US Senate event, an antivaxxer is no longer someone who opposes all vaccines, Merriam Webster has extended its meaning to cover opponents of vaccine mandates. In our post-reality world,  a biological woman may not hurt the feelings of a biological male identifying as a woman by simply stating he is not a lady, but media pundits and influencers can claim the unjabbed are the enemy within and must either be locked in their homes or forcibly injected with a mystery substance against their express will despite a dearth of evidence that such injections reduce the transmission of an overhyped viral pathogen.

How long can the wishful thinking professional classes, with their designer face-masks, continue to deny the emerging reality of a totalitarian regime that will keep moving the goalposts to exclude new groups of uncooperative human beings? Today, your compliance may mean being double or triple-jabbed. Tomorrow, it may mean having regular mental health screening to check your social conformity. When will the compliant classes realise that unless they belong to the chosen few, they will be next? When will it dawn on the complacent masses who currently go along with the narrative that their favourite celebrity influencers may be bending the truth? Many will have friends, relatives or neighbours who died with covid-19 on their death certificate. They may believe they died because of covid-19, even if they had other underlying conditions, but soon many will have close acquaintances whose life was cut short within days, weeks or months of their last booster shot. The media cannot hide the steep rise in healthy young to middle-aged adults succumbing to life-threatening cardiovascular and neurological illnesses. Part of me hopes the long-term damage can be limited if we stop at 2 or 3 doses of these new mRNA or viral vector injections, but never in human history has a medical intervention been foisted on people with such zeal and coercion. This is probably the biggest exercise in mass persuasion ever undertaken. To persuade the public at large, the authorities have adopted a tailor-made form of NewSpeak. All of a sudden, having access to something no longer refers to availability but to obligation. Having access to clean water is something we all need, but we get to decide how and when to use this essential resource. NLP practitioners understand this psychological association. If someone claims you have access to something or you are eligible for something, you’re more likely to want to take advantage of your new entitlement. The marketing spiel has shifted from disease control to participation in our new bio-security state. Someone somewhere has decided that human beings may only mingle in real life if an external authority can verify their genetic status. We have had to forgo our rights to free association and bodily autonomy to protect us against a nanoscopic genetic sequence. Yet there appears to be little correlation between mRNA injection uptake - something the media calls the vaccination rate, and covid-labelled infection rates. More tests lead invariably to more positive cases. Indeed, recent data from many European countries clearly shows a higher seasonally adjusted mortality rate for young to middle-aged adults.

It's a Technocratic Coup

Both the virus and the so-called vaccines are mere means to an end. Whether either succeeds in significantly downsizing the earth’s population through deadly coercion remains to be seen. Meanwhile, governments have usurped unprecedented powers over our private lives and consigned pluralistic liberal democracy with open debate on all key scientific and ethical issues of the day to history. What remains of democracy is a stage-managed charade with different flavours of the same technocratic fundamentalism. In Britain, the leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, has called on the government to clamp down on alternative media outlets like Telegram. In Austria and Germany, politicians from all leading parliamentary groups have thrown their rhetorical weight behind mandatory mRNA injections with hefty fines and jail sentences for those who do not comply. The coming months will reveal the dark side of the totalitarian monster behind our politicians. Almost everything the maverick analysts forecast just in early 2020 has come to pass. Quarantine camps, embeddable digital health certificates, robocops and bio-surveillance drones are no longer science fiction. If this were about our health, then we’d look at all-cause mortality, welcome tried and tested therapeutics and allow autopsies with full transparency over healthcare policies. I can think of no other logical explanation for the authoritarian behaviour of governments than a technocratic coup.

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The Death of Liberal Democracy

… and the sad case of Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky doubles down on calls to isolate the unvaccinated

Ever since the French Revolution, we have analysed political conflicts through the prism of the one-dimensional left-right spectrum. In the Western World, many believed the left somehow stood up for the commoners and the right represented the ruling classes. Today the corporate elites pose on the progressive left, openly bankrolling many charities and NGOs that claim to campaign for a potpourri of virtuous causes from action on climate change to refugee rights. The old left-wing alliance that brought together wishful thinking academics and industrial workers was already fracturing long before the covid crisis. All over Europe, the settled working classes had abandoned their traditional Labour or social democratic parties in favour of populist upstarts who promised to restore national sovereignty and family values. Now it is crystal clear the coming battle is no longer between left and right. It is not even a battle between black and white, Muslim and Christian, settled working classes and new immigrants or straights and gays. The big divide now has reverted to the feudal norm of top versus bottom, with the masses in thrall to a universal religion imparted by a new progressive clergy who preach total submission to scientism for the common good.

Like their medieval forerunners, today’s high-tech feudal overlords seek the compliance of their subjects and the ostracization of the unbelievers. However, yesteryear’s rulers could only hold onto their power through the blood, sweat and tears of their loyal subordinates. To maintain their loyalty, the elites had to reward their underlings. Mass consumerism may have let the business classes expand their markets, but it also raised workers’ material expectations.

The ruling classes have now decided to phase out the wider working classes and keep most of their compliant subjects under tightly controlled captivity. Workers cannot overthrow their bosses without bargaining power or the means to set up parallel societies. Welfare dependents owe their existence to the generosity of their captors.

Democracy is a sham without free speech and open debate on all key scientific and ethical issues that affect our lives. For decades one of the great heroes of the libertarian left, Noam Chomsky, earned widespread respect for his analysis of media bias in his bestseller, Manufacturing Consent, his critique of US imperialism and his outspoken support for free speech even for those who may hold beliefs that deny atrocities and offend relatives of the victims of systematic murder. Professor Chomsky has cast himself at various times as a libertarian socialist, anarchist or anarcho-syndicalist, yet has now failed to recognise the biggest power grab in history. Worse still he has fallen hook, line and sinker for the scientifically flawed notion that the so-called unvaccinated pose a threat to responsible citizens who have rolled up their sleeves to accept the magic prick. There is literally no verifiable evidence to support this assertion. The manufacturers do not claim their nanoscopic medical devices can stop you from either catching or spreading respiratory infections. They have only ever claimed that they may alleviate symptoms and reduce the risk of hospitalisation.  If the latter claim were true, then jab refuseniks may pay a little more health insurance to cover additional healthcare costs. The trouble with that logic is that it could be equally applied to other lifestyle choices like eating cakes, binge-drinking and smoking. Should we impose higher taxes on people who fail to exercise or eat their 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day? However, the latest data from countries with high mRNA-injection rates show clearly that the double- and triple-jabbed not only catch respiratory infections more often than their unjabbed peers, but they can die with the resulting diseases too. We have had so-called covid outbreaks in nursing homes and on cruise ships with fully vaccinated staff and customers. Why should governments mandate a medical intervention that clearly does not work as advertised? Why are regimes around the world moving heaven and earth to coerce their people into accepting medical surveillance as the new normal? As I write the Canadian government has mandated covid jabs for all inter-province rail and air travel.

If Noam Chomsky can understand that the state does not hold a monopoly on historical truth when it comes to laws that justify censorship to tackle the perceived threat of Holocaust denial, why would he think that the biotech industrial complex should enjoy a monopoly on scientific truth when it comes to coercive mass medication? It hardly takes a genius to figure out that we cannot change history, but we can learn from history to shape our future. Therefore, open debate and full transparency on scientific matters may be a good deal more important than tiresome debates about which despotic regime killed the most people 80 years ago. Does the world-renowned linguist at MIT not realise that vested corporate interests may manufacture consent for medical tyranny in the same way as they did for reckless military adventurism? Can he not see that many of the same political actors who campaigned for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan now want to roll out digital health certificates at all costs? How can he champion the freedom of Central American refugees to access generous welfare in the United States, while millions of New Yorkers are denied access to restaurants, gyms, theatres and workplaces unless they submit to the diktat of the Biotech Mafia? Is our Noam not aware that not all scientists agree that the new generation of mRNA and viral vector injections, marketed as vaccines, are safe and effective? Could he not apply the same critical thinking that helped him delineate the Fateful Triangle that links the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia to analyse decades of corruption at the heart of the biotech-industrial complex joined at the hip with the better-understood military-industrial complex? Has Noam not observed the close liaison between governments, armed forces and infection control teams? Is he completely oblivious to scenes of armed Australian police beating up dog walkers for failing to wear a mask in their local park? Does his once-admirable opposition to censorship not extend to an explicit condemnation of social media companies who censor any posts at variance with the official advice of the World Health Organisation? Is he not concerned that his fellow academics including Prof. Jon Ioannides of Stanford University, cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough and vaccinologists Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Robert Malone and Dr Geert vanden Bosch have been censored by the same tech giants that are also coincidentally promoting genetically modified injections with undisclosed ingredients?

The rationale for this perverse deference to the pharmaceutical lobby is that in modern life we have to delegate to experts over matters beyond our competence. Most of us need dental check-ups and occasional treatment. However, not all dentists are equally competent or recommend the same solutions. If you are unhappy with your dentist, you can always get a second or third opinion. Do I really need root canal treatment? Are mercury amalgam fillings safe? Believe it or not, different dentists may have different opinions on these matters. Bodily autonomy means you get to decide what other people do with your body. The state should only intervene to protect you against medical malpractice. You may make some unwise choices and pay the ultimate price of early death if you decline a recommended procedure, but that Is your right. As a rule, well-informed citizens with access to a wide range of research can usually make rational choices. Some may shun medication and flu shots in favour of a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and vitamin supplements. Others prefer to pop pills for every conceivable ailment that may affect them. Sooner or later we will find out whose intuition and lifestyle choices lead to better outcomes. With personal freedom comes responsibility and with adventure comes risk. To deny people self-determination over their private and family lives, is, in effect, to redefine what it means to be human.

Future historians will ask how the leaders of organised labour and left-leaning social influencers could let fear of a new variant of the flu justify the imposition of an illiberal bio-security state while super-billionaires buy up much of the world’s prime farmland. It beggars belief that so few mainstream politicians have spoken out against the cataclysmic implications of the Great Reset, something the global elites meeting at the G7, G20 and COP26 no longer hide. The whole agenda is so clearly driven by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum with the full blessing of Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg and George Soros as well as the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties. Two private asset management corporations, BlackRock and Vanguard, can hold debt-ridden governments to ransom. Their combined financial wealth dwarfs that of the world’s top billionaires.

We need to forge new alliances that transcend traditional divides of liberal versus conservative or socialist versus capitalist. The coming battle is over the future of humanity itself. Most of our old intellectual elites have abandoned us. Our main hope lies in the strength of grassroots protests that have erupted across France, Italy, Greece, Romania and sporadically in the UK, US, South Africa and, when allowed by Draconian lockdown laws, in Australia and New Zealand too. The mainstream media have either ignored these demonstrations altogether or has attempted to demonise sections of them as neo-fascists or anti-vaxxers who want to kill your grandparents.  The Italian media has routinely equated antivaxxers perversely with fascists although all major parties there from the right-leaning Lega and Forza Italia to the Five Star Movement and old Communist Party (now known as the Democratic Party or PD) have supported the controversial Green Card, mandating either jabs or expensive antigen tests every 48 hours to access most workplaces, colleges, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports centres, hospitals and trains. Last week the Italian trade union federation, CGIL, had the audacity to hold a much-publicised rally against Mussolini's original brand of fascism but in favour of the Biotech dictatorship, while dockers from Trieste and Genoa boldly blocked the ports in defiance of state and corporate intimidation. Such accusations come straight out of the Stalinist playbook. In 1980s' Poland under the WarsawPact, the official labour organisations accused Solidarność of proto-fascism. The opposition no longer comes from left, right or centre, but only from the bottom. The power structures are now clearly aligned. It is once again us versus them.