The Sheer Arrogance of the Davos Set

Could this be our future?

Ever since the 2020 technocratic coup, the billionaire class has only grown richer while the lower and middle classes have struggled to make ends meet without Mafia handouts. By Mafia, I mean the unholy alliance of large corporations and state entities that control our infrastructure and have their eyes set on every aspect of our private lives. The top 1% who have benefited most from the techno-putsch of early 2020 may number as many 80 millions worldwide, but most within this clique of middle managers are mere expendable hangers on, whose task it is to roll out the socially transformative policies now marketed at the Great Reset. Our real rulers are probably fewer than 0.001% of the 8 billion people alive today. While the banksters behind the phased demolition of our civilisation may preach equality and diversity, they consider most of us mere zoo animals at the mercy of their keepers. As Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari said, human beings are now easily hackable animals. He is one of the WEF’s chief advisors.

One could be forgiven for believing, as I once did, that outfits like the World Economic Forum are mainly concerned with furthering the cause of economic growth through free trade and open competition. One might imagine them holding workshops on high-tech innovation in developing countries to realise the neoliberal dream of widespread prosperity by letting the world’s poor gain access to the kind of opportunities millions of North Americans and Western Europeans have enjoyed over the last few decades. Admittedly, I never shared that dream. I wanted us to transition to a decentralised steady-state economy that values community cohesion, social wellbeing and long-term sustainability more than the short-term thrills of mass consumerism and technological convenience. Alas the centralisers have co-opted the term sustainability to consolidate their power. Their concept of sustainability focuses on their hegemony, not on our vitality or longevity.

A six decade long era of unparalleled growth has now given way to a new era of rapid downsizing with creeping virtualisation of physical reality. This year’s Davos meetup did not discuss how to provide all Africans with clean water or how to encourage investment in large irrigation projects across the continent’s vast expanses of semi-arid land to alleviate food insecurity. Instead, they focussed on vaccine uptake and a radical shift away from the fossil fuel economy to address the perceived threats of viral infections and climate change, neither of which are new. They blame us for their imperial wars and the adverse effects of the consumer lifestyle they have promoted for the best part of 60 years. The subscript is that the global elites no longer want consumption-led growth. They no longer see a growing population of middle-class consumers as a business opportunity, but a threat to their survival as a privileged class of superhumans shielded from the pandemonium of the great unwashed. To maintain their privileges, the hyper-rich no longer need hundreds of millions of workers competing in a frenetic rat race. They need compliant guinea pigs or tame zoo animals, whom they may reward for good behaviour. They may keep a small entourage of engineers and scientists to help them develop their new infrastructure of artificially intelligent robots, but they view most of humanity as useless eaters superfluous to their needs.

The trouble for the elites is we do not need them either. Once we figure out how to circumvent their control grid, disable their robo-cops and create parallel societies with our own infrastructure and jurisdiction, the elites will have little choice but to unleash the gates of the hell on mainstream humanity, thereby dispensing with any pretence of philanthropy and revealing their support for eugenics. That may provide a window of opportunity for the disenfranchised former working classes to wake up and overthrow the cabal of control freaks who currently hold the world to ransom.