The Sheer Arrogance of Tony Blair's Clone


"But let me be clear - Britain may be a small island, but I would challenge anyone to find a country with a prouder history, a bigger heart or greater resilience.

So presumably thousands of years of Chinese, Indian or Middle Eastem history, literature, innovations count for little, and Britain's neighbours have little to teach us. Britain may have had its heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries, but today just builds on its past glory as a marketing tool.

Left, Right and Plain Wrong


When political analysts first chose to classify opinions on a left-right spectrum during the French Revolution over 210 years ago, the left stood up for the underprivileged working classes, while the right defended the interests of the aristocracy and the emerging class of entrepreneurs. That was long before the emergence of the welfare state, mass consumerism and the globalisation of labour markets. During the latter half of the 19th century the left became identified with socialism and the transfer of ownership

Double Ungood: Brave New World Film

Things might not have panned out quite how George Orwell predicted in his infamous dystopian novel, 1984. In many ways rather than progress towards austere authoritarianism, modelled on Stalin's Soviet Union, penalising expressions of excessive joy, the latest phase of corporate globalisation has seen the spread of mass consumerism and commercialised hedonism as tools of social engineering. I

Forerunners of Modern Globalisation


Our species, homo sapiens sapiens, is now thought to have evolved at least 120,000 years ago with some recent finds in the Middle East dated to as long ago as 200,000 years ago. On that time scale, the Neolithic agrarian revolution, occurring in most parts of the more densely populated world between 15,000 and 5,000 years ago and only reaching some locales such as Australia, in the era of European colonisation.

New Labour's 1997 Manifesto


This is the honest manifesto the Labour Party did not publish in 1997 before its historic landslide win, well it did gain 43% of the popular vote with a 75% turnout.

Ubiquitous Assault on the Senses


How will future generations view early 21st century Britain? An age of enlightenment that allowed more women than ever to work, redefined loud arguments as domestic violence, exposed childhood sexual abuse and extended the benefits of prosperity to more people than ever. This is the spin of the neo-liberal media, i.e. you've never had it so good or experienced such a wonderfully fair and harmonious society.

More green ink on Kelly

So control of the oil supply and the UK and US's 90 year long history of destabilisation in the region have nothing to do with it. Anybody who takes Mr Rentoul's spin seriously lacks any capacity for independent thought.

Child database scrapped

Like the "The Age of Absurdity" by Michael Foley, Affluenza by Oliver James, The History of Childhood, Attachment Theory by John Bowlby etc. I've read dozens of books on social, environmental, economic and psychological issues. However, what you probably meant are officially approved social work handbooks that teach you that without the guidance of social workers and constant surveillance, hundreds of thousands of children and women would be victims of abuse. That approach is entirely top-down. Why should...

The lower level of the fourth dimension

What about your suitability as a filing clerk, let alone political commentator of the Independent? Should we trust the judgement of anyone who thinks the ruling elite in this country is somehow immune from the laws of human nature. Throughout history cliques and cabals have conspired to maintain power. Of course, the overall picture can only be understood in environmental, social and economic terms, but believe me governments and multinationals conspire to hide their little dirty tricks campaigns. The US...

Restrepo: Is this the greatest war film ever?

That is a rather silly comment. You have accepted that violence is a normal and inevitable part of human nature that cultural progress will never overcome and at the same time you have restated my point by offering justification for violence. Sure if you call your enemies Nazis, paedoes or terrorists, you can always justify violence. Nonetheless, unlike NuLab, I do believe in the right to self-defence, but would never see momentary defensive action as a form of entertainment. Have you never heard of the...


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