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The Sheer Arrogance of Tony Blair's Clone


"But let me be clear - Britain may be a small island, but I would challenge anyone to find a country with a prouder history, a bigger heart or greater resilience.

So presumably thousands of years of Chinese, Indian or Middle Eastem history, literature, innovations count for little, and Britain's neighbours have little to teach us. Britain may have had its heyday in the 18th and 19th centuries, but today just builds on its past glory as a marketing tool.

The Bankers are bankrupt and so are we


Today over a hundred thousand demonstrators will descend on Central London to protest against cuts in public spending. I can sympathise for I've joined many similar protests defending the rights of ordinary working people and against wanton waste and wars. Why, they wonder, should ordinary people suffer because politicians and bankers have wasted billions on wars and billionaire bankers continue to reward themselves huge bonuses? Unfortunately many have misdiagnosed the problem.

Smith applies for

I accidentally clicked "liked" (so please count one less vote on your tally). This is the same deluded guy who seriously thinks the US/UK invasion had something to do with human rights, defeating dictators or getting rid of WMDs.... Your NewLabour heroes sold out to big business years ago. Worse still they presided over totally unsustainable economic policies that future generations will have to pay for.... Honestly, Smith would be best seeking employment at Asda or Tesco monitoring the operation of their...

Life is but a dream

Prediction. Mr Rentoul's next post: Millions of grateful Iraqis pre-order the Arabic translation of Tony Blair's memoirs on www dot amazon dot iq to raise money for the brave soldiers who brought them democracy and human rights.

Finally Tony Blair reveals his side of the feud with Gordon Brown

Blair should be tried and sentenced for his role in the invasion and occupation of oil-rich Iraq and his complete obfuscation about the real reasons for war. It had nothing to do with human rights or deposing evil dictators. If Saddam Hussein didn't exist, Blair's handlers would have had to invent him, well they practically did. Only one year after Abdul Qassim, former leader of Iraq, overthrew the British-installed Monarchy, a young officer Saddam Hussein tried to attempt to his life but failed.... Very...

Johann Hari: Catholics, it's you this Pope has abused

First I'm not catholic or religious at all. I've merely observed social trends over 40+years of life. You confuse rhetoric with hard facts on the ground and propaganda with personal experience. The breakdown of modern family life and its replacement with hedonism accelerated under Thatcher and continued unabated under Blair, both allegedly religious. As a result millions of kids are neglected in dysfunctional households. It has taken a huge frenzy of media scaremongering to convince people that the...

Reality Denial

When do we let our political judgements be swayed not by a rational analysis of the facts, but by self-interest, wishful thinking, superstition or just plain irrational prejudices? Whether rapid climate change is taking place and is caused by human activity is surely a matter of scientific analysis, on which I suppose one may hold different perspectives, e.g. one may return from an unusually mild southern Greenland only to witness subzero temperatures in Madrid. One’s objective analysis during a...

Breeding Hatred

One of the biggest dilemmas for environmental realists is striking the right balance between the potential infringement of human rights required to power down to a more sustainable society on one hand, and the inevitable threat to human rights if we don't take action now. Let's call this the human rights dilemma. One solution is simply to deny the relevance of the coming environmental collapse by idealising a variant form of cornucopia, believing everything would be okay if we just wrested power from the...

Knee Jerk Hysteria

Most Sudanese citizens of all religious affiliations are desperately poor. As in most other African countries early deaths through malnutrition and disease are so rife that many just count themselves lucky to be alive, let alone benefit from the wonders of Western consumerism, fun culture and post-modern enlightenment (the kind of fuzzy thinking that endows us with some kind of moral superiority over all things ethical). But Sudan has a hidden jewel, the oil reserves in its Southeastern corner known as...

Blair concedes Iraq Lies

Information Clearing House recently republished extracts from the late Robin Cook's diaries, in which Blair concedes that Iraq could not strike the West or even nearby Israel with weapons of mass destruction. It also reveals how the initial scepticism of some New Labour Cabinet ministers in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq soon turned into loyalty as Blairite rhetoric morphed into crocodile tears over the human rights of oppressed and disenfranchised Iraqis. ... Some analysts insist the likes of ...


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