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That “Blair is a Liar” Nonsense

Thanks for reminding us most Labour MPs, even most so-called Rebels, succumbed to unpardonable delusion and selective amnesia regarding one of the major crises of our times, energy security. Blair LIED because he failed to admit the real reasons for war. It is of little more than academic importance whether Iraq had WMDs or not. The US, Israel, the UK, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Argentina and probably Iran all have nuclear weapons. Any leader of an oil-rich country would seek to...

Footnote to Further Thoughts About Blair Rage

So your primary source on historical events are autobiographies? The Northern Ireland Peace Process was a relatively minor side show. Blair's main purpose was to let his globalist neoliberal friends in big business complete their takeover of the UK. Old internecine battles in Ulster simply didn't make business-sense as the UK became little more than a province of global empire. I found Gerry Adams toadying up to Blair et al. quite frankly disgusting.

Footnote to Further Thoughts About Blair Rage

Wow, totally brainwashed!! Independence of a bunch of bankers (i.e. transferring power away from a nominally democratically elected politician). Completing John Major's Peace Process in Northern Ireland. Bombing the former Yugoslavia and fomenting ethnic hatred by blaming one side in 10 year long civil war. Overseeing a widening rich-poor gap, encouraging welfare dependence the influx of foreign workers, effectively deskilling a generation of young Brits. I'm not an expert on Sierra Leone, so won;t comment ...

Senior Tories pile pressure on Hague over 'foolishness'

I was just trying to think of the major problems facing this country. Debt, over-reliance on imports, energy security, social breakdown, addiction to unsustainable economic growth, shortage of home-grown engineers, climate change, peak oil? Really all these issues pale into insignificance when compared with the burning issue of William Hague's sexual orientation and his fidelity with his wife. Frankly, these are matters for the individuals involved. I don;t know why people assume just because two human...

We’re all on a journey

No, not quite, "letting people squander their earnings on the junk that Blair's friends in big business want them to consume and then spy on them", e.g. 60" Plasma TV screens, booze, gambling, junk food etc... that's basically the freedom to be a drug addict, which is not freedom at all but servitude.

We’re all on a journey

Hatred for murderous liars is both healthy and desirable. Every time Rentoul et al tell us of Blair's visionary zeal and humanitarian concerns, they are lying on every front. Let us not forget NewLabour's real legacy at home. His government oversaw a widening rich-poor gap, deregulated big business, encouarged mindless consumerism and hedonism, regulated private citizens, saw a huge rise in mental illnesses and psychiatric drug prescriptions, outsourced most of British manufacturing and let an influx of...