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More green ink on Kelly

No because you are sycophant unable to accept that your country commits war crimes for greed and doesn't give a damn about the long term security of its own people, only the profits of large multinationals.

More green ink on Kelly

So control of the oil supply and the UK and US's 90 year long history of destabilisation in the region have nothing to do with it. Anybody who takes Mr Rentoul's spin seriously lacks any capacity for independent thought.

570,000 could join housing waiting lists

If we had kept a stable population, not encouraged immigration for short-term market expediency, not subsidised irresponsible procreation and not transferred council houses to housing associations, we would not be in this mess. I pay £100 a week for a single room. My landlords, like most property owners in this part of London, were not born in this country (big surprise) and let three upstairs rooms to help subsidise their interest-only mortgage on a £400,000 property. As a contractor, I am not ...

More green ink on Kelly

Mr Rentoul would have us believe state and corporate media never lie, never bend the truth and never seek to deceive. In Mr Rentoul's fantasy world we should only ever believe official reports. Not sure about the efficacy and adverse effects of SSRIs, just read a peer-reviewed paper published by one of those trusts funded by our benevolent pharmaceutical multinationals. Not sure weapons inspector and biological warfare expert David Kelly, with probably more inside information about British dirty tricks...

Clegg throws it all away

In Mr Rentoul's fantasy world, New Labour stands to the progressive left of the current Tory/LibDem management team. However, whenever they deviate from the party line on neoliberal globalisation, Mr Rentoul doesn't like it. How dare Nick Clegg suggest the oil-motivated invasion of Iraq was illegal? How dare anyone suggest that long-term environment sustainability is more important than short-term profits. NewLabour left this country in a huge mess, Mr Rentoul, with Europe's least sustainable economy, ...