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Fears of Chinese land grab as Beijing's billions buy up resources

And John Rentoul seriously expects us to believe the 2003 occupation of oil-soaked Iraq had nothing to do with oil.... China is only copying other superpowers... Time to power down. Stop material growth, but the Independent editorial team will hear none of it as it keeps promoting globalisation of labour and consumer markets to boost economic growth.

Osborne attacks Labour over 'Cold War' weaponry

The UK wouldn't have a chance against the might of superpowers like China, the US or India. Defence expenditure should be just that, maintenance of armed forces whose sole purpose is to defend the country against invasion by authoritarian imperialists, kind of Swiss-style. However, in the age of globalisation this has become meaningless. When China overtakes the US as the world's major economic power, they will not need to invade the country, they will simply buy it and US, Japanese and other...

Bickering to the end, battle of the Milibands goes down to the wire

Haven't definitions changed? Back in my day those of us who stand up for the rights of ordinary working people and against the machinations of big business and intrusive government institutions were considered to be on the left..... And those who defend imperialist wars and a culture of unbridled hedonism on the right.

Rally for Sanity

Silly John Rentoul. That poster is aimed at you, idiot. If you disagree with ppl, e.g. anyone who thinks Tony Blair's intentions may not be pure and innocent, you tend to accuse them of: 1) Conspiracy theory syndrome (what oil in Iraq???) 2) Extremism (you must be a Saddam/Milosevic/Hitler apologist, which I assume is worse than being Bush/Blair/Lets Nuke Iran apologist) 3) Mentally deranged... You know... Facts do matter....

Migration cap is 'very damaging', says Cable

Depends where you live, mate. If you're entitled housing benefit, don't have far to travel, no mortgage or loans to pay off, no dependents etc.. you may just survive outside the Southeast of England. But in London £40K means after tax £2K per month (i.e. 24K per annum) take home pay, £800 rent for very basic accommodation, £200 for various utility bills, £400 for food and travel from suburbs I guess at least £120 per month.... It all adds up and I didn't even include...

The Amish are multiplying

Open Season on other cultures. The Independent TM would like us all to be shiny happy metrosexual world citizens all boogeying to the new world order beat sipping our organic fair trade latte in Starbucks TM , enjoying violent video games (which the Indy thinks are good wholesome fun), shopping online (consume, consume, don't invent or produce!!!), gambling (very sustainable), benefiting from Prozac TM and then participating in their fora to tell recalcitrants just how wonderfully enlightened we all ...

Migration cap is 'very damaging', says Cable

"Ooh, I can't think of a good rational argument in favour of the globalisation of labour moving human resources around the planet on short-term contracts, so you know what I'll call my opponents racist". Well, I spot a lobby when I see one. I used to buy the Independent just read good old Robert Fisk and they appeared lukewarm about Bliar's support for the US's oil-motivated occupation of Iraq. Now I read nonsense every day. Numerous articles promoting big pharma and psychiatry. Reviews of violent video...

Shoot-'em-ups are good for you, say researchers

I see a generation of brainwashed dumbed-down 20 and 30-somethings, who believe they are so enlightened and free because they enjoy the freedom to play violent video games, gamble and get pissed. Wow!! All your activities are being monitored, especially if they are controlled by big business. Violent culture is reflected in many genres of popular noise piped via Spotify into retail outlets and even some offices and other pastimes (Laser Quest, Paintball etc..). All around I see a multibillion industry...

Shoot-'em-ups are good for you, say researchers

Told you. Violent gaming addicts always recycle the word "cathartic" to give their thesis aura of validity. These guys must have a lot of negative thoughts, that would be better channelled against our ruling elite (very keen on promoting these games) rather than against real or fictitious foreign enemies. Besides, play racing games instead if you want to improve your hand-eye coordination.