Restrepo: Is this the greatest war film ever?

The Independent claims to represent the progressive environmentally conscious left, embracing recent cultural trends and decrying traditional cultural values. However, if progress means anything, it means liberating ourselves of the darker violent side of humanity that evolved as a survival extinct when hunting was a way of life and we were presented daily with very real natural predators.Yet Independent journalists portray virtual violence, whether in first-person shooter games, paintball, laser quest or war films, as a legitimate form of entertainment, supposed because of their cathartic or educational value. How many gunfights, sword battles or aerial bombings do we have to see on HD TV to know violence is evil? The subplot is always, yes but it can be justified to spread democracy or further women's rights. If you gain any amusement from watching other human beings slaughter each other or feel a sense of moral superiority when the good guys massacre a bunch of recalcitrant bad guys, you are yourself subhuman...

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