The Amish are multiplying

Open Season on other cultures. The Independent TM would like us all to be shiny happy metrosexual world citizens all boogeying to the new world order beat sipping our organic fair trade latte in StarbucksTM, enjoying violent video games (which the Indy thinks are good wholesome fun), shopping online (consume, consume, don't invent or produce!!!), gambling (very sustainable), benefiting from ProzacTM and then participating in their fora to tell recalcitrants just how wonderfully enlightened we all are and how all other cultures are abusive. All this before we jet off for a two week holiday in the Seychelles and project-manage a team of C++ programmers in Hyderabad via our iPhoneTM, while reading John Rentoul's musings on Twitter about the liberation of Iraq by St Anthony Blair and listening to one of Stephen Fry's audiobooks.

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