Why Iraq?

Seems like the Independent (TM) employs muppets to amuse its wishful-thinking readers. Ben Chu has repeatedly espoused his love of globalisation and continuous economic and population growth, a strategy doomed to failure. A huge military industrial-industrial complex with close links to the UK, US and (formerly) French governments has long had significant interests in the oil rich Middle East. The UK founded modern Iraq, bombed it first in 1924, overthrew elected regimes, let the US manipulate post-WW2 politics and was happy to do business with the Baath regime under Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war.... Anyone who seriously thinks this war has anything to do with democracy, human rights or averting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is simply deluded..... The author did not even mention the word oil. His article is meaningless..... Fifty years from now after US hegemony has given way to Chinese supremacy, it will be seen merely as a last-ditch attempt to keep the US model of hyperconsumption alive. Britain, of course, depends on servicing hyper-consumption through banking, media, marketing etc, and would be in dire straits if the US empire crumbled.
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