The end of the line: Michael Wolf's photographs of the Tokyo rush hour will make every commuter shudder

This article reflects a general Independent (TM) bias in favour of globalisation with mass labour migration. This newspaper denies the medium to long-term unsustainability of London's growing population. Although Greater London's population officially peaked in 1938 at 8.5 million, only a small fraction of its daytime workforce commuted from outlying satellite towns back then. So in addition to a large clandestine population not counted by official figures, London's transport infrastructure has to accommodate 7 million commuters every working day, that's 15 million in London 8:30-18:00 Monday to Friday. Anyone who travels on the Victoria, Picadilly and Jubilee lines in the rush hours has experienced chronic overcrowding. I've had to wait 4, 5 or even 6 trains on the Victoria Line before squeezing on... I've also cycled to work and many years ago negotiated central London traffic. The place is grinding to a halt. Extra capacity can only be artificially created through £ 100s of billions of infrastructure investment, replacing low-rise housing with high rise and importing even more raw materials and food. An environmental disaster in the making. Why should we keep squeezing so many people in such a small space to work in a totally unproductive service sector. Globalisation is failing. Admit it!!
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