Gordon Brown: We risk wasting an entire generation

How to argue against stubborn opponents of neolabourite globalist policies:
1) Suggest your adversary suffers from "conspiracy theory" syndrome. Only conspiracy theorists like Alan Greenspan would conclude the liberation of Iraq had anything to do with oil.
2) Just say dismissively "That's your opinion" implying my opinion is better informed as it is backed up by peer-reviewed reports produced by corporate lobbies and the mainstream neoliberal media...
3) Deride your opponent as a Daily Mail reader... After all we all know the UK has an unlimited carrying capacity and unlimited resources for social engineering projects....

In reply to: Cahal

I'm pretty appalled by the comments here - I didn't realise I was reading the Daily Mail.

This is a good article and that is reflected by the fact that nobody seems to have any economic refutation of what Brown has said, and are instead focusing on telling him how he ruined the economy and so forth (newsflash: you can't attribute a GFC entirely to the UK government).

If anything this article is indicative of the fact that Brown has a genuine concern for the welfare of others. Did he make mistakes? Yes. Is he a terrible media personality? Absolutely. But I'd rather a PM like this than an airbrushed version of Margaret Thatcher telling us that we're all in it together.
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