Outrage as Treasury plans 'Granny Tax II'

The total benefits and pensions expenditure in 2009 was £188 billion of which 78 billion for pensions and 34 billion for subsidised procreation (11 billion for single parents). As we hit limits to growth and the golden years of hyper-consumption go into reverse gear , such a burden will prove unsustainable.
The real question then is how we can transition to a more sustainable and fairer model, one which encourages personal responsibility and viable family units, while ensuring nobody goes without. The current welfare and banking  systems have promoted a culture of entitlement with obvious contradictions and injustices. So some enjoy foreign holidays and plasma TV screens on benefits for the mere virtue of procreating, while others pay through the roof for basic accommodation, freeze or starve because we can't make ends meet. I saw a Big Issue seller on Saturday chatting on his iPhone. Something is desperately wrong with our priorities.

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