Thousands to be struck off special needs list

I never cease to be amazed how all these trendy lefties (often working in marketing) condemn discipline and family values, but love virtual violence as a form of entertainment. Our society is currently obsessed by violence. Kids need to know violence is bad and some behaviours are plain wrong. Do not confuse measured punishment with outbursts of rage!

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You are incorrect in your reasoning.   Violence to keep a lid on violence, either actual or threatened/feared, maintains a state of perpetual violence.   We are living with the consequences in our society of an unimagineable amount of past violence that needs to be worked out of the system through non-violent means and eventually we will end up with a non-violent society.

I hereby sentence you to 1 year of enforced TV Soap watching. Sheer hell for someone allergic to nonsense like me.

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You forgot those addicted to Eastenders, Coronation Street etc. 

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