Benefit dependency, yes please

Cui bono? I personally know of family of 4 (now separated), neither of whom are British citizens, who were put up in a £2900 Pimlico flat, yet the only earner in the family was on little more than the min. wage. If we consider the cost of education, healthcare and social services that family cost the taxpayer at least £3000 a month, 36K.... I rent a room in inner London (mainly because I work there and don't drive), but am not entitled to any benefit, hence pay market rates. The main beneficiaries of this scam are landlords (and I have to praise Panorama for revealing some of the truth on this scam on Monday) and employers.... So why should employers only pay £6-7 an hours plus tax, while the true cost of living is much higher. Why should we subsidise irresponsible procreation (and it's happening, open your eyes!!)? Changing the system is going to be tough because a whole generation is addicted to benefits and unable to work.On a positive note, once rogue landlords lose their state handouts, market rates will fall, which is paradoxically good news for me. Wow, I might upgrade to a two-bedroom flat...

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