Soaring oil price could raise cost of petrol to

Of course I've considered such possibilities, but our over-consumption is so grotesque, that it only makes sense to power down and relocalise to avert armaggeddon. Methinks you are just burying your head in the sand. In denial. The Optimum Population Trust estimates the UK's long-term carrying capacity to be 15 million with our current lifestyle or 30 million with a modest lifestyle (i.e. ensuring everyone has enough to eat but sourcing more locally and wasting much less). If it;s any consolation the DR of Congo (former Zaire) has a larger carrying capacity. But we won't solve their problems by continuing to overconsume. BTW Libya is manly of interest to gain access to Chad. Should Chad OIl not serve Africa rather than Europe or North America?

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Consider for a moment that your assumptions are false; that it is unnecessary to use oil as a means of distributing energy. Any of the first world countries could reduce oil consumption at a stroke at the expense of the rest of the world. You might pay a bit more for your energy, but not a lot.

I suggest that armageddon forecasts like "We need to power down" don't help. We could power UP, but could third world countries then ever hope either to catch up or to achieve stability? The gap between rich and prro nations would become impossible.

Because you say so or would prefer to believe were the case? Oil is a finite resource. If we had such plentiful reserves, BP-Amoco would not be drilling deep below the Gulf of Mexico and the US would not be spending trillions occupying Iraq. The global economy depends on endless growth, which will ultimately prove unsustainable. They don't care whether we use oil or nuclear or biomass, as long as they keep boosting their corporate profits. I simply don't buy the theory the global elite want to deny motorists of their god-given right to drive gas-guzzler or depopulate Africa... There is no evidence to support that thesis and, if you read the Independent (owned by a Russian ex-pat billionaire), much to the contrary. The ruling elites are addicted to growth... That's the problem... We need to power down for the sake of our children and grandchildren... Otherwise most of them can only look forward to a future with a significantly reduced quality of life and of course, more resource wars...

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What a nonsense, the high price of petrol has nothing to do with remaining oil reserves!

I wonder what BP, the SAS and the BBC are doing in Libya? Spreading democracy or helping US/UK-friendly multinationals gain privileged strategic access to the cheapest oil reserves. The UK as a whole is now a net oil importer and our over-reliance on global trade and bogus services means we will be overexposed by any oil price hike.

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